Solo International Film Festival (SIFF) will conduct a prestigious and exclusive Awards Night in cooperation with the Sultanate Office of Surakarta. Kings and queens from Nusantara will be invited, and we will also conduct filmmaking workshop and screenings.

Festival Events will be in three places: the Sultanate of Solo, Semarang, and the Borobudur temple, one of the seven wonders of the world, also the world's largest Buddhist.

Solo International Film Festival is accepting submission now.


The festival will be held in August 2018.

The Festival will choose Overall Winner, and give Solo International Highest Award, Solo International High Award, Solo International Merit Award, and special jury awards (if necessary). All accepted filmmakers are invited to come to the prestigious and exclusive Awards Ceremony.

The overall winner will be granted a winner statue, and other winners will receive well-framed certificates for their respective winning categories during the Awards Night in Indonesia. Regardless their winning status, winning filmmakers who can't attend the Award Night, will only receive laurels.

The festival will be featuring screenings, film-making workshops, and special guest appearances by filmmakers, kings & queens of Nusantara, government bodies, and VIPs guests.