Vision and Mission


This is a call for all filmmakers from Yogyakarta, well-known as Jogja, a city with a friendly population, rich in historical value, and adorned with cultural arts, batik, and handicrafts. The place where the classical Javanese art marriage with modern culture in its artworks, drama, music, puppetry.

We would like to welcome the world through the making of inspiring films and documentary created with love and passion.

We accept submissions from all over the world. Categories open are feature and short film, feature and a short documentary, screenplay, and music video. To value the hard works put on a film and documentary, we accept various film production categories and performances such as directing, cinematography, editing, performance, story, acting, sound, production design, costume design, music, etc. The festival would give separate awards if they got selected.

Jogja International Film Festival (JIFF) warmly welcome students, newcomers, history lovers, travelers, as well as professionals to compete for the best film in our Festival.

We are searching for well-executed short and feature-length narrative and documentary film in all genres but yearning about film or documentaries with social or traditional notes. Inspiring film/documentaries executed with a strong message, excellent cinematography, flow pleasingly entertaining and emotionally moving are the qualities we are looking for.


Jogja International Film Festival (JIFF) will conduct a prestigious and exclusive Awards Night with the presence of kings and queens from Nusantara, filmmaking workshop, and screenings.

JIFF is working together with the Sultanate Office to conduct Royal Ceremony and to provide an opportunity for winning filmmakers to share their knowledge to hundreds of film, communication and broadcasting students in Yogyakarta.

Winning filmmakers would also be gratified to visit the famous Borobudur temple, the 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple and the world's largest Buddhist temple that is one of the seven wonders of the world. There also be a visit to the Prambanan Temple, a 9th-century Hindu temple compound that is dedicated to the Trimurti, a cultural walk through the 262-years-old magical Royal Palace of Yogyakarta span for about 14.000 m2, and enjoying the rich culture of Yogyakarta through the Ramayana Dance.

Jogja International Film Festival is accepting submission now.

CONTACT US: jogjainternationalfilmfestival@gmail.com