Solo, the city of culture and enchanted tradition is calling for talented filmmakers and passionate artist. Solo is a town that is deep in the culture and rich in diversity yet blanketed with modesty and tolerance.

The mission of this Festival is to exhibit any shape of art and culture worldwide, especially filmmaking, including directing, music composing, and acting, and also a various shape of art in general. The Festival hopes to make the art of storytelling through filmmaking become more popular in Solo, Indonesia, and internationally. For that reason, the Film Festival is inviting all passionate filmmakers and artist to join the Festival and to star their works.

Theme that we are looking for is a general theme, but we are mostly interested in culture, theatrical performances, drama, any shape of art, ancient and futuristic tradition, visionary films, science fiction, animation, music, dance, historical story and place, biography, patriotic theme, humanism, and any inspiring films and documentaries.

The Festival accepts feature and short film, feature, and a short documentary, animation, and music video. The Festival also open categories for various film production categories and performances such as directing, cinematography, editing, story, acting, sound, production design, costume design, music, costumes, etc. Passionate artists, new directors, filmmaking students, and professional directors are welcomed to submit their work to make their work shine in our festival.

Inspiring stories, well edited, and excellent cinematography, wrapped in strong emotion are the qualities we are looking for.


Solo International Film Festival (SIFF) will conduct a prestigious and exclusive Awards Night in cooperation with the Sultanate Office of Surakarta. Kings and queens from Nusantara will be invited, and we will also conduct filmmaking workshop and screenings.

Festival Events will be in three places: the Sultanate of Solo, Semarang, and the Borobudur temple, one of the seven wonders of the world, also the world's largest Buddhist.

Solo International Film Festival is accepting submission now.