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YEAR 2015


I've just had a dream (Spain) directed by Javi Navarro

Debi Steven
Heather Garden
Sr Lorraine Garasu
Tessa Blake


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Casablanca Calling (United Kingdom) directed by Rosa Rogers - Documentary Feature
Election Night (United States) directed by Tessa Blake - International Short Films
I've just had a dream (Spain) directed by Javi Navarro - International Short Films
La Montaña que Llora (The Weeping Mountain) (Argentina) directed by Santiago Enrique Sánchez Ortega - International Short Film
Voice of Change (Papua New Guinea) directed by Llane Munau - Documentary Short
Serender (Turkey) directed by Seyid Çolak - International Short Film
Spilled Water (United States) directed by May May Tchao - Documentary Short
The Boy (United States, Canada) directed by Cayman Grant - International Short Films
Zoo (Volkerschau) (by United States) directed by Monda Raquel Webb - International Short Films


All in Her Stride (Australia) directed by Fiona Cochrane - Documentary Short
Angkor's Children (United States, Cambodia) directed by Lauren Shaw - Documentary Feature
Bastards (Morocco, United Kingdom) directed by Deborah Perkin - Documentary Feature
Chaque jour est une petite vie (Every Day is a Small Life) (France) directed by Albane Fioretti, Lou-Brice Léonard - International Short Film
Daughter of the King (Canada) directed by Matthew R. Marshall - International Feature Films
El extraordinario viaje de Lucius Dumb (The Extraordinary Journey of Lucius Dumb) (Spain) directed by Maite Ruiz de Austri - International Feature Film
Ensoulment (United States, Mexico) directed by Lorís Simón Salum - Documentary Short
Healing Magdalene (United States, Canada) directed by Donna L Valverde - Documentary Feature
Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians (Argentina) directed by Hernán Vilchez - Documentary Feature
Love Always, Eartha (United States) directed by Marishka Phillips - International Short Films
Out of a Jam (India) directed by Shalini Harshwal - Documentary Feature
Lapan (Papua New Guinea) directed by Renagi Taukarai - Documentary Short
Never Give Up (Papua New Guinea) directed by Ruth Ketau - Documentary Short
Power (Germany) directed by Jeanny Gering - Documentary Short
Radical Wollongong (Australia) directed by Paul Benedek, John Reynolds - Documentary Feature
Sacred Journey of the Heart (United States) directed by Skip Thomas, Ronna Prince - Documentary Feature
She Rocks The Planet!™ TV #SheilaEICON [ WORLD PREMIERE PILOT] (United States) directed by Meredythe Dee Winter - Documentary Short
TARA-The Journey of Love & Passion (India) directed by Kumar Raj - International Feature Films
The Bridge (United States) directed by Alia Diab - Documentary Short
The Healing of Heather Garden (Canada) directed by Judith Morrow - Documentary Short, Newcomer
The Hurting Strings (Australia) directed by Peter Lamont - Documentary Short
The Other F Word (Canada) directed by Isabel Bleim - Documentary Feature


Code Oakland (United States) directed by Kelly Amis - Documentary Short
Cinema Palestine (Canada) directed by Tim Schwab - Documentary Feature
"Woman in Red - Seahorse Aria" (Denmark) directed by Maria Dubin - International Short Films
A Suspicion (Philippines) directed by RK Genato - Newcomer
Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition (Switzerland) directed by Christoph von Toggenburg - Documentary Short
Buffalo Nation: The Children Are Crying (United States) directed by Leslye Abbey - Documentary Feature
Dreaming Abraham (Australia) directed by Victor Spiegel - Newcomer
Feminists Insha'allah! The story of Arab Feminism (France) directed by Feriel Ben Mahmoud - Documentary Feature
Frustrations (Botswana, Egypt) directed by Boitshoko Jeremia - International Short Film
Jila (Islamic Republic of Iran) directed by Karim Lakzadeh - International Short Film
Joan's Boys (Netherlands) directed by Catherine van Campen - Documentary Feature
Like if.. (Italy) directed by Daniele Bonarini - International Short Film
Luoghi Comuni (Commonplaces) (Italy) directed by Angelo Loy - Documentary Feature
Ongamira o tempo não existe (Ongamira time does not exist) (Brazil) directed by Raquel Gerber - Documentary Short
Out of Eden (France) directed by Pinkasfeld Severine - Documentary Feature
Palikari - Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre (Greece) directed by Nickolaos Ventouras - Documentary Feature
Pechmarie (Austria) directed by Christian Strasser, David Neumayr - Newcomer
Pretty Good Friends (Australia) directed by Sophie Townsend - International Feature Film
Quarter Life Coach (United States) directed by Nicole Wensel - International Feature Film
Retrospective (United States) directed by Bryce Morgan - International Short Film
See Me Now (United Kingdom) directed by Glen MacKay - International Short Film
Set Me Free (Belgium) directed by Hugo Teugels - Newcomer
Silent Note (Macau) directed by Tin Leong (Oliver) Vong (Fa) - Newcomer
Stood for the Storm (United States) directed by Susan Hamovitch - Documentary Feature
The Color of Courage (Philippines) directed by Eleazar Del Rosario - Documentary Short
The Gap (Germany) directed by Kim Anja Schicklang - International Feature Films
The Journey to Her Smile (United Arab Emirates, India) directed by Sucheta Phule - International Feature Film
The Only Real Game (United States) directed by Mirra Bank - Documentary Feature
The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer's Together (United States) directed by Barbara Klutinis - Documentary Feature
Umudugudu! Rwanda 20 years on (France) directed by Giordano Cossu - Documentary Short
Un parfum de Liban (A scent of Lebanon) (France) directed by Matthieu Haag - International Short Film
Way Back Into Love (China) directed by Tin Leong (Oliver) Vong (Fa) - Documentary Short
We Weren't Given Anything for Free (Germany) directed by Eric Esser, Caro Krugmann - Documentary Short
Welcome to Angkar (France) directed by Christophe Hamon, Marie Hamon - Documentary Short
Welcome to Misogynistan! directed by Dorothy Wallace - International Short Films
Whatever Comes Next (United States, Switzerland) directed by Hildegard Elisabeth Keller - Documentary Feature