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International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality

President Jimmy Carter

Pope John Paul II

AILIA (Egypt & United Arab Emirates) directed by Sameh Salem

Special Jury Awards:

Andy Garcia (John Paul II in America: Uniting a Continent)
Alice Krige (Shingetsu)
Guy Davidi (High Hopes)
Jason Isaacs (Dawn)
Leverne Ann McDonnell (All in Her Stride)
President Jimmy Carter & Dr. Miriam Abu Sharkh (Life Under Siege)
Robin Shou (Earthbound)


I am Sami (United Kingdom), directed by Kae Bahar

Finalists Most Favorite Film 2015:

Ailia (Egypt & United Arab Emirates), directed by Sameh Salem
The Living God: Medicine and The Ancient Meetei Civilisation (India), directed by Prakas Aheibam
The Forgotten Ones of Karaganda (Spain, Kazakhstan), directed by Enrique Gaspar Rodriguez
Einen Koffer (Mexico), directed by Sergio E. Aviles
For My Children (Sweden), directed by Jerzy Donus
Tariro (United Kingdom), directed by Ian W Bennett MBKS
Common Man (Nigeria), directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare
Defenders of Life (France), directed by Dana Ziyasheva

Sameh Salem, director of Ailia, receives his award as the overal winner of the festival 2015

AWARDS CEREMONY at Planet Hollywood XXI, Jakarta



Alice Krige (Star Trek, Thor) receives her award from Lily Wahid (sister of President Gus Dur & Festival's Guardian), and Dedeh Kurniasih, the Secretary General of Council of Creative People

Robin Shou (Mortal Kombat, Death Race, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Beverly Hills Ninja) receives award from Lily Wahid (sister of President Gus Dur & Festival's Guardian), and Dedeh Kurniasih, the Secretary General of Council of Creative People

Pirjo-Liisa Heikkilä of behalf of Riitta Jalonen receives her awards.

Alice Krige gives her winning speech.

Sameh Salem

Christopher Lee

Sameh Salem, Alice Krige, and Damien Dematra

Elham Madani




Damien Dematra and Robin Shou shake hands
after Robin shares his expertise in the Hollywood

Christopher Lee shares his expertise with other filmmakers


Alice Krige and Damien Dematra

International Awards of Outstanding Excellence Winners:

AILIA (Egypt & United Arab Emirates) directed by Sameh Salem - International Short Films
ASHA (United States) directed by Meena Nanji - International Short Films
For My Children (Greece) directed by Stathis Plotas - Documentary Feature
Life Under Siege (United States) directed by Miriam Abu Sharkh - Documentary Feature
Soil and Coral (Afghanistan) directed by Masoud Atyabi - International Feature Films
The Way of Tea (France) directed by Marc Fouchard - International Short Films
"Till death do us part" Hasta que la Muerte Nos Separe (United States & Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of) directed by Abraham Pulido  - International Feature Films

International Awards of Excellence Winners:

37 (Germany) directed by Chris Brügge - Newcomer
A Bench's Tale (Austria) directed by Christoph Schinko - Newcomer
Bangkok in Motion (Thailand) directed by Jimmie Wing - Documentary Short
Common Man (Nigeria) directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare - International Short Films
Dancing Sondheim - Children and Art, Finishing the Hat, No One is Alone
directed by Richard Daniels - International Short Films
Dawn (Switzerland) directed by Romed Wyder - International Feature Films
Defenders of Life (France) directed by Dana ZIYASHEVA - International Feature Films
Dignity (United Kingdom) directed by Thomas Verrall - International Short Films
Endless Corridor (Lithuania) directed by Aleksandras Brokas - Documentary Feature
Eru Ilúvatar (Finland) directed by Riitta Jalonen - Documentary Short
Future Dreaming (Australia) directed by Kaya Finlayson - Documentary Short
Le Conte des sables d'or (Switzerland) directed by Sam and Fred Guillaume - International Short Films
Lessons of Basketball and War (United States) directed by Ron Bourke - International Feature Films
Manislam- Islam and Masculinity (Norway) directed by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen - Documentary Feature
OCULE (Canada) directed by Kris Ruff-Frederickson - Newcomer
Pawa Meri: Voice of Change (Papua New Guinea) directed by Llane Munau - Documentary Short
Pursuing Happiness (United States) directed by Adam Shell - Documentary Feature
Sacred Geography (United States) directed by David Zurick - Documentary Short
See Me Now (United Kingdom) directed by Glen MacKay - International Short Films
Set Me Free (Belgium) directed by Hugo Teugels - International Short Films
Super Sounds (Australia) directed by Stephen de Villiers - International Short Films
The Fight to Forgive: From Child Soldiers to Peacebuilders (United States) directed by Cynthia Travis - Documentary Feature
The Forgotten Ones of Karaganda (Spain, Kazakhstan) directed by Enrique Gaspar Rodriguez - Documentary Short
The Glass Man (Myanmar) directed by We Ra - Documentary Short
The Last Tear (United States) directed by Christopher H.K. Lee - Documentary Feature
The Ministry for Peace Australia (Australia) directed by Lee Tolley - Documentary Short
The Urge 2 - It Lies Within (Canada) directed by Christopher Angus - International Short Films

International Awards of Merit:

46, XX (Belgium) directed by Guido de Craene - International Feature Films
Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition (Switzerland) directed by Christoph von Toggenburg - Newcomer
Casablanca Calling (United Kingdom) directed by Rosa Rogers - Documentary Feature
Chaos of the Senses (Slovakia) directed by Peter Leibitzer - International Short Films
"El Gringo Schindler" (United States) directed by Ralph Isenberg - Documentary Feature
Einen Koffer (Mexico) directed by SERGIO E. AVILES - International Short Films
Hanka's Tattoo (United States) directed by Elaine Vedette Tack - Documentary Short
Her Own Address (Bangladesh) directed by Proshoon Rahmaan - International Feature Films
I am Everything (United Kingdom) submitted by Jennifer Schauerte - International Short Films
I am Sami (United Kingdom) directed by KAE BAHAR - Documentary Short Film
"I Am Listening" (United States) directed by Curtis Speck - Documentary Short
I KNOW YOU (Netherlands, United Kingdom) directed by Colin Gerrard - International Short Films
In due time (Italy) directed by Christian Cinetto - Documentary Feature
Kyrie (Germany) directed by Holger Klussmann - Documentary Short
ONE HUNDRED MULES WALKING THE LOS ANGELES AQUEDUCT -ARTIST'S CUT 2015 (United States) directed by Bruce Dickson - Documentary Feature
Peace Man (United Kingdom) directed by Roxi Khan - International Short Films
Run Free - The True Story of Caballo Blanco (United States) directed by Sterling Noren - Documentary Feature
Southeast 67 (United States) directed by Betsy Cox - Documentary Feature
Tariro (United Kingdom) directed by Ian W Bennett MBKS - International Feature Films
The Living God: Medicine and The Ancient Meetei Civilisation (India) directed by Prakas Aheibam - Documentary Short
Two Blue Lines (United States) directed by Tom Hayes - Documentary Feature
Under The Sheets (Italy) directed by Johan Florez - Documentary Short
Wings of Change (Israel) directed by Tuvi Arbel - Documentary Short

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