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BEST FILM 2015: Love at First Sight, directed by Mark Playne

Courtesy of TVRI (The Indonesian National Television  & Indonesian Entertainment)


Courtesy of DKR TV




What the Papers Say:

THE FILM REPORTER: Love At First Sight Champion in International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Comedy 2015

Obsession News: Ini Alasan Film Inggris Juarai Ajang IFFDSC

PWRIONLINE: Film Inggris Juarai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Comedy

Parahyangan Post: Film Inggris Juarai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short, and Comedy

Radio Republik Indonesia: Inggris Juarai "International Film Festival for Documentary, Short an Comedy"

REVIEW FILM: Love At First Sight Terpilih Sebagai Best Film International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Comedy di Jakarta

THE FILM REPORTER: The Nominations for Best Film of International Film Festival For Documentary, Short and Comedy was Announced Today

Radio Republik Indonesia: Nominasi "International Film Festival For Documentary, Short and Comedy" Diumumkan Hari Ini

Obsession News: Inilah Nominasi Film Festival Internasional

REVIEW FILM: Pengumuman Nominasi Film Festival International Documentary, Short and Comedy

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The festival in KOMPAS , the largest national Indonesian language newspaper in Indonesia and the the largest circulating newspaper in Southeast Asia. (18 November 2015)

Kompas (print), 19 November 2015 page 32 (Names & Events section)

The festival in Print.kompas.com - 19 November 2015

SPECIAL OCCASION: Filmmakers went to Indonesian National Radio, relays to 22 stations in country, went to the oldest tertiary-level educational institution in Indonesia, and to a state high school to share their expertise, talk about their films, and watch screenings.

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International Award of Outstanding Excellence Winners:

Bride Sabina (Kazakhstan), directed by Nurtas Adambay - International Feature Film (Comedy)

Krusing America (United States, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Kuwait, United Kingdom), directed by Linda Kruse - International Short Documentary

Love at First Sight (United Kingdom, Spain), directed by Mark Playne - International Short Film

The Tainted Veil (United Arab Emirates), directed by Mazen Al Khayrat, Ovidio Salazar, Nahla Al Fahad - International Documentary Feature

Through the Breaking Glass (Spain), directed by Iván Mena Tinoco - International Short Film

Under The Lights in Thailand (United States, Thailand), directed by Jesse Maddox - International Documentary Feature

International Award of Excellence Winners:

Baobabs between Land and Sea (France, Madagascar), directed by Cyrille Cornu - International Documentary Feature

Every Two Minutes (United States), directed by Kirk Mason - International Short Documentary

Gazelle - The Love Issue (Brazil, France, French Polynesia, Italy, Spain, United States), directed by Cesar Terranova - International Documentary Feature

Gen A (Thailand), directed by Napat Tangsanga - International Short Film

Janne of Love (Bulgaria), directed by Vilma Kartalska, Radko Savov - International Short Film (Comedy)

Now Boarding (United States), directed by Teresa Mular MD - International Short Film (Comedy), Comedy Filmmaker of the Year (Teresa Mular MD)

One World - Different People (Germany), directed by Oliver Langewitz - International Documentary Feature

Permission to Operate (Finland), directed by Anna Blom - International Short Film

The Emotional Dimensions of the James River (United States), directed by Michelle Marquez - Newcomer

The Guest (Italy), directed by Federico Olivetti - International Short Film

The Lasting Persimmon (Japan), directed by Kei Chiakaura - Narrative Filmmaker of the Year (Kei Chiakaura), Cinematographer, Sound

International Award of Merit Winners:

"W" ENG VER (Italy), directed by Francesca Draghetti, Daniele Coluccini, Matteo Botrugno - International Short Film

Fading Magic: The Story of Kolkata's Magicians (India), directed by Amit Sahai - International Short Documentary

Hot Dog (United States), directed by Brett Bentman - International Short Film (Comedy)

Living in the belly of the bear (Russian Federation), directed by Veniamin Levit - International Short Documentary

Mano a Mono (United Kingdom), directed by Saranne Bensusan - International Short Film

September Sketch Book, directed by Ronnie Cramer (United States) - International Short Film

Still (United States), directed by Parisa Ghaderi - International Short Film

The Dancing Prawns (Singapore), directed by Lim Yew Yee - International Short Film, Script-writer, Leading Actress, Story

The Giggles (United States), directed by James Boratyn - International Feature Film (Comedy)

The Lasting Persimmon (Japan), directed by Kei Chiakaura - International Short Film, Director, Script-writer

The Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Lord of Qoyllur Rit'i: The Walk Experience (United States, Peru), directed by Zoila Menndoza - International Short Documentary

The Wonderpill (United States), directed by Mannyx Guillen - International Feature Film (Comedy), Director


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