Vision and Mission


Film has always been one of the best ways to express strong feelings, both for the filmmakers and the audience, and acting as one of the most effective and communicative ways to tell messages. Through International Film Festival for Comedy, Romance, and Musical, we hope to facilitate creative filmmakers to show their artwork, encourage talented people to express their feelings through comedy, romance, and musical films, provide more positive life through healthy laugh, good music, and empathic comedy, and give indirect, yet effective ways to express our feelings, as well as giving an introspective lesson.

Through comedy, we hope to fill the world of bitterness with laughter, build positive feelings, entertain people, and encourage a better community through good and healthy laugh.

Romantic movie is a media to show love, and to impress that love at any way, possess its own beauty and appealing characteristic.

Music has been a part of humanís life since the beginning of time. It is a profound method of communicating and entertaining, as well as healing. We hope to give a platform for music as a media of love and strong emotions.
The International Film Festival for Comedy, Romance, and Musical will act as a mean to sustain and promote the continuity of creativity and artworks produced and carved by filmmakers all over the world in following their dreams to show their films, as well as to participate in the film industry.

The International Film Festival for Comedy, Romance, and Musical open its submissions from filmmakers all over the world. We accept feature films, short international films, short shorts, shows, and video clips. Newcomers are welcomed. The films will be pre-selected before presented to a judge panel.

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